Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Curvassure Butt Toning System Review

The Curvassure Butt Toning System is a new way to defy gravity, taking years off the appearance of your butt.

I'm a mother with three kids and I never have time to go to the gym. So these shorts are perfect for me! When I'm cooking,feeding the animals,or even working in the yard,I'll put on my Curvassure shorts and go about my daily routine. I wear them three times a week for 30 minutes each session. After each session my butt and thighs feels like I had a great work out. I love that these shorts don't make me sweat. I hate sweating! I've only been using the Curvassure shorts for about two weeks now and I can already see a difference in my butt and thigh area. My butt has lifted some and my thighs are toner. I can't wait to see more results in another month or so. I highly recommend these shorts to anyone looking to lift and tone their butt and thighs!

Product Description
The Curvassure Butt Toning System is a convenient, easy replacement for traditional glute toning exercises. Now you can get a high, toned, perky bottom without do strenuous exercises, such as lunges and squats, without doing the latest DVD workout, in fact without doing anything at all. Curvassure does the work… you get the results.
Curvassure butt toning system offers additional features and benefits to the customer:
  • • Three pre-set muscle stimulator programs for beginning, intermediate and advanced toning.
    • Sexy, fashionable shorts with compact controller which fits discreetly into the shorts pocket, suitable for use virtually anytime, anywhere.
  • • Curassure gives over to 200 consistant butt toning and tightening contactions per session
    • No difficult workouts
    • No strain on joints
    • No cardiovascular fatigue
    • No sweat
    • Relax and let Curvassure work your glutes
    • Toned, sexy butt made easy!
    • FDA Cleared for Strengthening and Toning
    • With Curvassure, every rep is the same; every rep is perfect.
    • Workout virtually anytime and anywhere.
    • A Multi-taskers Dream

The Curvassure shorts have the look and feel of compression cycling shorts and come in 4 sizes. 

Small _ size 4-6, waist_26"-27", hips_ 34"-36" 
Medium _ size 8-10, waist_28"-30", hips_ 38"-40" 
Large_ size 12-18, waist_32"-37", hips_ 41"-46" 
XL _ size 20-22, waist_38"-43", hips_ 47"-50" 

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