Friday, February 27, 2015

My Horse My Life Photo Contest!

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Meet Duke! He is a rescue horse that has been through a lot in his life! Before being rescued by the wonderful rescue center in Montgomery La. he was so skinny and didn't have any manners. Now this big Ol boy is healthy! He has a gentle soul! He is so willing to please and learn. He is one of the kindest horses I've ever owned! When I'm upset he seems to know it and will come to me and lay his head own my shoulder. It's like he is trying to comfort me. He is my life! I'm so thankful I have him in my life! 

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He COULD WIN A $10,000 GIFT CARD FROM SMARTPAK with your help by voting for him!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bloominous DIY flower project!

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With my best friends wedding coming up and I'm helping her do all the flower arrangements for the wedding. She and I love to save time and money. Luckily I found a DIY flowers project that will help us with both. 
Beautiful DIY flowers from Bloominous has everything we need to create beautiful DIY projects. 

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 Bloominous  promises to stand behind every product and ships with a 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee. Their flowers are cut-to-order, prepped, and carefully packaged for you so that your DIY experience is fun and easy. Each of their kits are designed by experienced wedding florists to be easy and beautiful. Their farm-direct flowers gives you access to the freshest most beautiful blooms in the world. Their kits are customized to include everything you will need, so you can be sure you have all the right blooms to make your arrangement beautiful.
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Bloominous provides three great advantages of doing it yourself  for a wedding

 or special event:

1. Cost Saving:

With Bloominous, brides will be able to save anywhere from 30% to 50% off their original floral budget 

Each piece is priced without the typical 300% markup from wedding florists, e.g. $5 boutonnieres, $40 centerpieces, and $50 bouquets

2. Easy DIY:

Most DIY floral services do not send ‘prepped’ flowers, but ours come cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed, so brides save time AND money

Each kit comes with step-by-step photo instructions for easy assembling within 10 to 20 minutes per piece, as well as flower care products and design tips

3. Quality, Professional Design:

All collections featuring specialty flowers are designed florist with 10+ years of experience in event and floral design

It’s not just the flowers—from trends to vases to favors, we design the whole look for your inspiration

Bloominous offers six  DIY floral kits that include:Enchanted Elegance,Party Pop.Vintage Cottage,Bohemian Desert,Country Charm,and Eco Chic

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Bloominous promise to every customer includes: trial before you commit, precise customization and guaranteed delivery. This 'florist-at-their-fingertips' experience is not to be missed. Bloominous is making DIY fun, easy, and approachable for anyone who wants to try. Check it out at

Disclosure: This is a compensated post.

Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with CosmeticsBag Review

Salon Styling Hair Brush and Detangling Hair Brush with BONUS: Travel Cosmetics Bag.

No tangle, bristle or damaged hair can stand with these brushes. They can be used for thin or thick hair, wet or dry.

exclusive offer
The Hair Symphony Professional De tangling Hair Brush set is a must have product! I wish I had this set years ago! Before using this product,my hair had a tendency of falling out when I would brush it because of all the tangles in my hair. Now using the De tangling hair brush set, I no longer have that problem. I can easily brush my hair without loosing hundreds of hair strands. The hair brush gives my hair a smooth finish. I take this set everywhere I go. This set also came with a cute storing pouch. This set has a innovative design and is high quality. Highly recommend!!

You will never need another hairbrush again!
The 2 hairbrushes you receive are loved and appreciated by both women and men, kids and teenagers. You get a salon quality styling brush, the innovative detangling brush and thetravel cosmetics bag!

• Easily DETANGLE any type of hair

NO MORE PAIN while brushing
• Easy to use on WET or DRY hair
• Convenient storage in you FREE elegant COSMETICS BAG*
EUROPEAN design high quality SALON grade hairbrushes
• You will IMMEDIATELY see an IMPROVEMENT in the way your hair looks and feels.

Order now from AMAZON  to save 49% off retail price and you will receive a THE BEST HAIR BRUSH SET AVAILABLE!
Visit Hair Symphony website today to learn more about their products!

I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Custom 50x60" Fleece Photo Blanket Review + Giveaway.

Custom 50x60" Fleece Photo Blanket Review + Giveaway
(Entry form at the bottom)

Keep you and your loved ones warm with one of our customizable photo blankets.
 Each blanket is printed on high quality, durable fleece or velveteen and is machine washable. 
The shorter plush on the fleece blanket ensures your photos are as sharp as possible and is perfect for use as a wall hanging or quilt.
The velveteen blanket has a thicker, softer plush and makes a great couch throw.
Photo blankets are the perfect, unique gift to show the loved ones in your life how much you care.
My blanket looks so realistic!
Love My Blanket!!
I absolutly love my blanket by!! It is so detailed and super soft! Very high quailty fabric! It was so easy to design and order on website. You can upload any picture/pictures of your choice that you want to add to your blanket. The website also has editing tools and different back grounds you can also use to make your blanket look even more fabulous! The company is amazing! They also have other products to choose from!
I think it's awesome that has offer one of my readers a Custom 50 X 60 Fleece Photo Blanket of their very own! This Blanket values at $110.00 and the shipping is $15.99 which will be no cost to one of my lucky readers! That's right!! Nothing!! How awesome is that?
I hope you have fun entering this fabulous giveaway and Good Luck to everyone!

I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

100% Pure Organic Rosehip Oil - 4oz Review

Rosehip Oil - 4oz Bottle - Premium Quality Cold Pressed & Unrefined Rosehip Seed Oil - 100% Pure USDA Organic - Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants - #1 Best Anti-Aging Natural Moisturizer - Great for Face, Nails & Skin - Effective Against Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Fine Lines, Dry Skin, Eczema, Dermatitis, Discoloration, Acne Scars & Stretch Marks -Guaranteed Results - Try It Risk Free!!!

Being a Essential Oils fan,I was thrilled to review this Rose hip oil by Skinology. Most essential oils come in little bottles,but not this one! It comes in a huge bottle! There is no added chemicals and smells wonderfully. Rosehip oil can be used to treat a lot of different skin problems,including wrinkles dry skin,scars,stretch marks,sun spots,and age spots. I'm currently using it for dry skin. I can already see a differences in my skin. My skin is much softer and smooth. My skin looks flawless!! I definitely recommend this product!!

Aging has an adverse effect on your skin especially when combined with the sun, toxic environment and/or harsh climate. Thus, many of us invest in a variety of expensive skin care products in an effort to fight off unpleasant signs of aging such as wrinkled and damaged skin. Sadly, most of these products fail to deliver what they promise. 

Do you want to have a smoother skin and look younger without applying any chemicals on your skin? ROSEHIP OIL by Skinology Beauty Solutions is the product that you were looking for!!! 

It is imported from its indigenous home in Chile, cold-pressed and bottled in the US in a high-tech FDA approved facility. It is the best moisturizer on the market to treat wrinkles, fine lines, eczema, acne scars, stretch marks and many other skin related issues. 
Contains essential fatty acids (Omega 6, 3 and 9) that nourish and restore your skin moisture levels significantly. 
Effectively treats dry or rough skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, stretch marks, acne scars, sun spots and damaged hair. 
Promotes skin rejuvenation and pigment reduction. 


SKINOLOGY BEAUTY SOLUTIONS is committed to provide great customer service. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any concerns or questions. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our product - contact us and receive a full refund. 

Order Your Bottle of SKINOLOGY BEAUTY SOLUTIONS Rosehip Oil Now While It's Still In Stock!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

300 Lumens LED Ultra Bright Lantern Review

This is a great lantern for camping or even to have around the house. It's one of the brightest lanterns that I've ever used. It has three different modes:low,high,and flashing. It's easy to use,just push the button. I like that it's lightweight and durable. It uses LED bulbs with an output of 300 lumens. There is a hook on the bottom for different hanging options. This lantern uses D batteries. I believe this lantern will last along time. Amazing product!!

Light your outdoor adventures and power a wide range of other activities using the best LED camping lantern - The AYL Starlight 330.
Designed with your safety in mind, this ultra bright lantern guarantees unsurpassed service to provide you with light, clarity and consequently convenience for a wide range of your lighting needs.

What are the amazing features of the AYL Starlight lantern?
- It uses LED bulbs with an output of over 300 lumens, guaranteeing you crystal clarity and over 100,000 hours of use
- Has 3 lighting modes; these are low, high and flashing strobe. Depending on your needs, you can switch to any of the modes seamlessly by simply cycling the switch button
- It comes with a removable convex reflector cap that provides 360 lighting and that can also be removed to allow for more focused lighting
- Has a hook at the bottom that makes it easy to set it up virtually anywhere
- It also features a watertight body that is complemented with plastic molding and rubber for maximum water resistance

Why should you buy the AYL Starlight lantern?
- Its green LED indicator ensures your camp and lantern is always visible and easy to find in the dark
- It uses 3D batteries that are not only affordable and easy to find, but also durable
- Comes with a convex reflector that provides comprehensive lighting; it can alternatively be removed to focus light to a single direction
- It is reinforced with plastic and rubber molding to prevent water from seeping through
- Different lighting modes for use in varying environments
A money-back guarantee plus a lifetime warranty is included. What are you waiting for?
Click HERE to order!

I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Indian healing Clay Review

SODIUM BENTONITE CLAY POWDER - Premium Indian Healing Clay from Wyoming, USA. Bentonite clay is derived from deposits of weathered volcanic ash. It is one of the most effective natural detoxifying agents available and has been recognized as such for centuries by native peoples around the world. The first recorded use of medicinal clay occurred in 2500 B.C. in Mesopotamia! Technically, the clay first adsorbs toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides), attracting them to its extensive surface area where they adhere like flies to sticky paper, then it absorbs the toxins, taking them in the way a sponge mops up a kitchen counter mess. There is also an electrical aspect to bentonite clay's ability to bind and absorb toxins. Bentonite clay has a negative electrical charge, attracting positively charged molecules. As most toxins are positively charged, clay naturally rids the body of toxins as it pulls and holds the toxins into its core. Majestic Pure Indian healing clay is Sodium Bentonite Clay from Wyoming, USA. It is extremely useful for for Face Skin Care, Deep Skin Pore Cleansing, Detoxifying And Revitalization. Clay makes a fabulous facial mask, for shrinking pores, tightening and toning skin, removing impurities, sloughing off dead skin cells, and just making your skin look and feel great. Clay baths and foot soaks draw toxins from the skin and through the pores. 
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I was excited to receive Indian Healing Clay because I heard that it's awesome stuff! It comes in a huge jar filled with clay. Easy to make your own paste. I applied it on my face and neck for 15 minutes. It really deep cleaned my skin. It made my skin feel soft and smooth. I use it once a week. It works great on rashes,cuts,insect bites,and burns. I recommend to everyone that wants to have beautiful flawless skin!

I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Infinite Joy Review

Infinite Joy - Caffeine Free Weight Loss Tea with Ginseng, New Easy Slimming and Detoxifying Formula.* 30 Tea Bags. Made in USA.

Infinite Joy is a herbal tea for losing weight it includes 21 herbal ingredients that help in supporting natural weight loss. The herbs in this everyday diet tea and detox supplement helps to naturally raise your basal metabolic rate which allows you to burn the excess fat in your body and eventually help you to shed those extra pounds. The ingredients in this herbal tea makes it a great tasting tea for appetite suppression best of all the most important benefit of Infinite Joy is that it's herbal ingredients help to naturally detoxify your body. The herbal combination helps by stimulating the detox action of liver and eliminates unwanted toxins from your body. 

Infinite joy also includes powerful ginseng which is well-known for its weight loss property. This simple weight loss tea is also rich in compounds called phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are a group of beneficial, non-nutritive biological compounds that occur naturally in roots, leaves, buds and stems of plants. Research on weight loss indicates if your body is staggering with accumulated toxins, it becomes extremely difficult to lose weight via exercise and dietary changes. This is why an ideal diet tea and detox supplement like Infinite Joy is the best support you can offer yourself while on a weight loss goal. If you are working towards shedding the unwanted weight, it is a perfect addition to your weight loss regimen. Keep in mind to follow healthy eating habits, stay physically active as well as monitor and decrease stress level. 

The product is 100% natural and unlike other weight loss products has no caffeine. With this simple, everyday tea weight loss is not a distant dream, the combination of ingredients in this herbal tea makes it an ideal weight loss supplement. Try Infinite Joy it is a perfect diet tea and detox supplement that also improves your overall health and well-being besides acting as a weight loss tea.
Click HERE to order! 

Infinite Joy is the perfect weight loss tea! I have been drinking it for a couple weeks now and I feel healthier. This tea cleanse my body. I have more energy and I'm less tired. It tastes amazing! The smell is pleasant. I lost 3 pounds. Love that this tea removes toxins in the body and give the body a complete refreshment! I have less food cravings now. I highly recommend Infinite Joy Ginseng tea!

I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Monday, February 16, 2015

3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base Review

AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight; When Safety, Versatility and Security Matter!

Does the idea of carrying a bulky flashlight turn you off?
Or are you concerned about the cost of replacing flashlight batteries on a regular basis?
The truth is that, working with flashlights that produce unsatisfactory light can be frustrating to many people. Others find the usual flashlights quiet rigid hence can't be used in varied situations.
That is not the situation with the revolutionary CREE XP-E LED Car Flashlight!

The CREE XP-E LED Flashlight stands out as a 3-in-1 convenient lighting source; with a design that allows versatility for use in different scenarios.
Why choose the AYL LED Car Flashlight?
- It features a rugged and high quality military-grade design for durability and versatility. It can be used in a variety of applications which include cars, bikes, home, etc.
- The flashlight comes with an anodized aluminium body which is resistant to various elements of weather
- It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
- It is quite versatile and comes with a total of 29 LEDS (18 white LEDs and 11 red LED)
- It comes in a user-friendly design. It features a magnetic base that can be stuck on any metallic surface
- It comes with 3 light options; Cree, White, and flashing Red LED for improved visibility
- The bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours
- Easy operation: 1st click turns the CREE LED, 2nd click lights-up the 18 white LED, while 3rd click turns on RED LED
Simply go for the AYL LED car flashlight and experience stress-free and secure lighting.
Click HERE to order!

I'm very pleased with the AYL 3-1 Flashlight. This flashlight is slim,made of aluminum,eight inches long, attached wrist strap & a magnetic base . It is well made, durable,and weather resistant. It is perfect size to put in a drawer,glove compartment,and tool box. Perfect to take with you when you go camping. The light in all three modes are bright and work great. If your working on a car this flashlight will be handy to have. 

I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Lemon Essential Oil Review

I was super excited to be chosen to use this product. I'm a huge fan of essential oils! There is so many uses for Lemon Oil! This Lemon Oil is high quality. When I opened it I could smell it right away! The smell is so refreshing and not to strong. I use it in my cleaning regimen to give my house a nice refreshing clean. The smell lasts along time. I put a few drops in a spray bottle and filled the rest with water. I'll spray my counter tops and floors with it. Everyone that walks in my kitchens says your kitchen smells amazing! I highly recommend this amazing product to everyone!!

Product Decription

  • HIGH QUALITY LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL 100% Pure Oil - Alcohol and Paraben Free - Pure Therapeutic Grade Undiluted Essential Oil (Citrus Limon) - Huge 4 oz bottle with dropper and a phenolic cap. Imported from Italy and bottled in the US in an advanced FDA facility. This product is absolutely Cruelty- Free and was never tested on animals.

    • NATURAL ANTISEPTIC: Our premium quality Lemon oil is a natural antiseptic and an energy booster with refreshing and cooling properties. It has a lot of different uses - from massage and aromatherapy to immune system and metabolism boosting effects. Simply add a few drops of our Lemon oil to the glass of water - and you have a perfect energy booster refreshing drink full of antioxidants.
    • HOUSEHOLD USE: Our Lemon Oil might be also used for all your home and kitchen cleaning and refreshing needs. It is a powerful disinfectant and antibacterial cleanser with great aroma that works perfectly if combined with your everyday cleanser for the greatest citrus effect.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding our product and we will make sure that all your customer needs are fulfilled. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our product - contact us and receive a full refund.
    Click HERE to order!

    I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.

    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag Review

    The Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag that I received is a very bright green color. It has adjustable strap that is great for my son to adjust for his size. It is well made. The insulation inside is thick,which will keep things cool for awhile. Plenty of room to put multiple items inside it. It also has two zipper pockets to add more items if needed. Over all I think this is a wonderful lunch bag,easy to use,and great for kids to carry to school with them! I highly recommend!!

    Product Description
    This Insulated Lunch Bag Features:
    • Our custom lunch boxes feature a zippered main compartment, front zippered pocket, side mesh pockets and adjustable shoulder strap.
    • These multipurpose insulated lunch bags are ideal for all kinds of setting from school, outing events such as camping or going to the lake, work and more.
    • Fully insulated with PEVA lining, these lunch totes will keep its contents fresh.
    • Crafted with durable polyester, you can use them for years and never worry about wear and tear.
    • Bag is 7 1/4"(W) x 10"(H) x 7"(
    Click HERE to order!

    I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product.