Thursday, December 25, 2014

Astor Canvas Log Carrier Review

This Astor Canvas Log Carrier is the first Log Carrier I have ever used and I must say I love it! This log carrier is heavy duty and will last a lifetime! The handles are durable and the bag is big. You can carry a lot of logs in this log carrier,unlike before when I had to make several trips outside to get wood to burn in my fireplace. Now my trips outside are cut in half because of this lovely log carrier. I would recommend this Astor Canvas Log Carrier to everyone especially for the winter time!

Product Description

Make quick work of bringing logs indoors to your fireplace with the heavy-duty Astor Canvas Log Carrier. Its roomy size and smart design handle big loads with ease ... and keep dirt, moisture and splinters off your hands, clothes and floors at the same time!
Tough, Leak-Proof Canvas
The Astor Log Carrier is built to last. The super strong canvas body can carry up to 8 logs at a time without tearing. Plus, it's lined inside with PVC, so dirt and water can't seep through onto your floors or rugs. And although it performs like a heavyweight, it only weighs 1 lb.
End Walls Prevent Slippage
If you've tried open-ended carriers, you know how easy it is for logs to fall out if you don't keep them balanced just right. And if you've tried box-shaped carriers, you know they're not so easy to fill. The Astor presents the perfect compromise: lay it flat to fill, then simply lift the handles and logs are automatically aligned and contained.
Reinforced Handles Won't Come Loose
Designed for maximum security, the Astor's handles are actually continuous loops that are stitched all the way around the carrier. There's no way they could rip off! Nor can they tear apart, because they're made of reinforced fabric designed to support heavy loads.
Easy Care, Easy Storage
The Astor Log Carrier can easily be rinsed or hosed clean. If you want, you can even put it in the washing machine (cold water) and dryer (air fluff setting). You can also store it just about anywhere: it folds to a mere 6" x 4" x 1".

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*As an active blogger, I am often sent products for review purposes. Though I received this item from the company in exchange for review, all opinions are my own.