About Me

Hello Readers,

A little  about  myself ... I'm a mommy  with  3 kids. I'm happily married!I served in the Military for 8 years. I love animals of all  kinds. It's sad that there is so many animals out there that are mistreated and that doesn't have a happy home.I have 3 horses named KC,Duke and Rayne. They are my life! I love to go  horseback riding with my family and friends. I have 4 dogs named  Munchkin,PeeWee,Tonka,and Xena. I love spending time with family and friends! I believe family is important to have. I think it's important to always give your loves ones a call and tell them how much you love them. We are never promised tomorrow! I love to review great products and share my experiences to  my  readers. I also like hosting giveaways for  my readers also. I really look forward to seeing which one of my readers that will win a giveaway!!!