Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FSL Gunblock Review.

FSL Gunblock Folding Earmuff For Shooting / Hunting

          Product   Description
The fun of a few hours on the hunting ground or shooting range is next to none, but over time the noise can wear down on your ears. Protect your hearing with the FSL Gunblock Folding Earmuffs, and enjoy your favorite hobby stress-free.
Durable, reliable construction
Our folding earmuffs are built to withstand the toughest conditions you'll face when hunting---wind, dust, rain and mud. The high quality, durable materials we use in construction are guaranteed to last you through for years to come.

Comfortable fit
No matter your head size, the adjustable cups of the FSL hunting earmuffs slide up and down the headband for a perfect fit. The high quality materials provide a luxurious feel, meaning these remain comfortable for hours at a time.

Optimal hearing protection
The high NNR/SNR of these shooting earmuffs guarantees the best hearing protection available today. Simply strap these on and enjoy the shooting range, worry-free.

Easy storage
These hunting earmuffs fold easily for efficient storage. This increases portability, meaning they won't take up any more space than necessary in your hunting or shooting bag.
Frustration-free packaging
Unlike most earmuffs for hunting, the FSL ear defenders come in user-friendly packaging that won't take you hours to open. What's more, the packaging is eco-friendly, allowing you to do your part in saving the planet.
Lifetime quality guarantee
All of our ear defenders come with a 3 year warranty, as well as our unparalleled FSL lifetime support.

My review
I was super excited to get these earmuffs. They really protect my ears from the firing sound of a weapon. I can hear a little when a weapon has fired which is perfect for me because I can hear when someone has fired their weapon. The quailty of these earmuffs or grand! They are easy to use and fits comfortbly over my ears. Love the green color which is perfect if your in a deer stand with a buddy or yourself and you want to protect your ears from the firing sound plus these will blend in with your camo.I believe these earmuffs will last a long time. These will keeps your ears safe! Everyone should have a pair of these when firing a loud weapon or running a machine that is loud and that may cause hearing loss.

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