Saturday, January 31, 2015

Microwave Splatter Guard Product Review

Best Microwave Splatter Cover!!

The Microwave Splatter Guard by Ramini Brands has become a lifesaver in my home. My kids always uses the microwave and they never cover there food before warming their food up in the microwave leaving it with horrible splatters all over the inside of the microwave. It was terrible!! Now that I have this amazing product,I know longer have to clean all the splatters because this Splatter Guard really works!! The size is perfect! It covers everything! Super easy to clean! Overall I'm highly impress with the  Splatter Guard,no more wiping down my microwave each time my kids uses the microwave! I recommend this amazing product to any house that uses their microwave a lot! 

Product Description
Your search for the Best Microwave Splatter Cover has ended. Look no further! You will always be ready to warm up your meals or beverages with the Ramini Brands® microwave plate lid and enjoy NO MORE MESSES!


• Perfectly sized
• Steam release holes
• Fits in your standard size microwave
• Doubles for covering plates for your outdoor BBQ or event
• Microwave safe
• Works with microwave dishes, cups, bowls and paper plates too

Why Ramini Brands® Microwave Splatter Cover?
Provides a great way to reheat, cook or bake without having your microwave look likes it been through a food fight.

• Great for cookouts, tailgates and events
• Use it as a food lid to cover up the barbecue so that flies and bugs stay out
• Easy to clean and store once you are done

CAUTION: Use care when uncovering your meals as it may release steam and could cause injury. For adult use.

Material: BPA Free. Made of food grade plastic.
Color: Clear
Size: Measures approximately 10" x 12"
What's in the box?
• One (1) 10" x 12" microwave splatter cover

• Electronic delivery of FREE eBook with Recipes for the Microwave

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your satisfaction is our priority. Ramini Brands® is so sure you will love your microwave splatter cover that we offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee and you can keep the best BONUS recipes as our gift to you.

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I received this item for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own. I was not told what to say, only asked to give my honest review based on my own experience with the product:)